Smart all-in-one solution for the recreational and wellness market

As the owner of a holiday park or wellness resort you're always busy. Is the work schedule complete? Are the guests content? Is the operations' profit margin large enough? The solutions created by Koole Controls unburden and automate processes, improve profitability and the guest experience.

  • Increase guest satisfaction - unburden the guest and make them enjoy their stay even more.
  • Automating processes - getting work done with less staff.
  • Improve operational profit margin - Increase returns significantly with minimal investment.

Hardware/software integration

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Holiday Park

Cost-efficient and operational excellence

Operational excellence requires knowledge, skill and experience. This is where we help out. And with the automation of processes comes significant cost reductions. Our technicians, practical experts and short lines of communication bring everything together.

A selection of proven success stories

Integrations with well-known PMSs

Have you already got a software system? We have system integrations with well known PMSs! Our software guarantees reliable connections, safe protocols and data-traffic that runs 24/7 that ensure the end-user can efficiently use different systems.