Welcome to Koole Controls

The end of the 20th century is all about change. The computer and the internet are making their entry. Daily life is proceeding at a rapid pace. The Netherlands is becoming prosperous and leisure activities such as visiting holiday parks and wellness centers are becoming accessible to more people. Koole Controls was founded just before the end of 1999, directly striving to bring automation and leisure activities together. In the following years, Koole Controls implemented the developed solutions at campings, holiday parks and wellness centres in a number of European countries. 

The Team

Full on expertise in hardware, software, electrical engineering and project coordination. The unique thing being that our team visits customers regularly, this enables pragmatic solutions and the search for the best options. 

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A few of our customers

Holiday parks


Our mission

By seamlessly integrating hard- and software, we enable the leisure world to provide a carefree customer journey during the entire stay and we support our client's operational excellence with smart, sustainable and cost efficient solutions.

Our vision

To make the customer journey work!



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