Arriving at and departing from the holiday park

Effortless arrival for the guests, employees and suppliers 

  • Number plate recognition based on details entered in the reservation (PMS Integration).
  • Number plate unknown? Entering the PIN code will provide access and the number plate will automatically be stored in the system.
  • RFID technology to provide access to employees, suppliers and third parties.
  • Anti-pass back control to avoid unauthorized entries. For instance a limit on the amount of cars allowed on the park for each reservation.

The currently installed barrier does not have to be replaced.

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Entering the accommodation

Our locks facilitate a number of methods of entering the accommodation:

  • Direct access using a PIN code
  • Link your mobile phone with the lock using Bluetooth and the KCSmartHome app or our framework in your own mobile app.
  • RFID technology in case of specific requests from a guest or for simplify access for employees.
  • And of course our locks can still be opened using keys in exceptional cases.

The door lock sends a check-in notification to the system and the front desk employees are informed. In addition, cleaning statuses can also sent to the system.

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Climate control in the accommodation

Save 25% in energy costs with ease 

  • Preheating or cooling - The thermostat is activated at exactly the right moment to bring the accommodation to a comfortable temperature upon arrival.
  • Vacancy settings - At the end of the reservation period the temperature will be reduced to a default value. For example, from 22°C to 14°C.
  • Temperature limits - Configure the thermostat so it cannot be set above or below a certain temperature. For instance, a maximum temperature of 22°C. 
  • Night reduction mode - In between pre-set times the temperature can automatically be lowered to a set level. For example 18°C from 11PM to 6AM.
  • Air conditioning - Compatible with multiple brands.
  • Technical Service Department - The technical service department automatically receives a notification if the thermostat has become faulty, as a result the guest will receive the least amount of disturbance possible. 


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Access control for activities

Turnstiles/gates for access to activities

  • Checks validity of credentials.
  • Block entrance once the maximum occupant load has been reached.
  • Anti Pass Back (APB) restrictions. For example, blocking access using the same ticket for a certain amount of time after it has been used to avoid that the ticket get passed around.
  • Access using a bar code, QR code or MIFARE.
  • Integration with your PMS.
  • The possibility of a live visitor counter which can be made visible to guests. This automatically spreads out visits and increases the customer experience.
  • Supports access for visitors.


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