Energy costs: a common thread in the latest ABN AMRO Leisure report

The new leisure repport[1] by ABN AMRO discusses the status quo of campings and holiday parks in The Netherlands. The report is based on multiple studies and surveys. This creates a clear overview of opportunities and challenges. In the report, the energy costs stand out as a common thread. We have highlighted the most important insights in the article below.

Margins under pressure

At ABN AMRO's request, a survery was conducted among 51 owners of holiday parks and campings. Only two business owners reported that they could fully pass on the increased energy costs to their customers. An astounding 45% of the participants of the survey indicated that they could not, or only partially pass on the increased energy costs. When asked what puts most pressure on margins, 86% of business owners gave these rising costs as the reason. Saving on energy costs and investing in sustainable accommodations is their number one priority for 2023 and 2024.


Guest experience

ABN AMBRO, in collaboration with research firm KIEN, asked more than a thousand holidaymakers about their preferences regarding sustainability. De conclusions of the report showed that price does and sustainability doesn't play a role when booking a holiday. Energy and water usage in the accommodation has little attention during people their stay. Guests want to enjoy their holiday in a luxurious and relaxed environment. Only 27.1% of the respondents indicatie that their are willing to pay based on their own energy usage if this means they will receive a discount for using less energy and pay extra for consuming more energy.



Starting with becoming more sustainable is mainly influenced by time and money. In regards of energy costs, the following three recommendations are relevant:

  • Start! Usually you do not know where to start, but it's a good thing to break through the status quo.
  • Increase the awareness of customers. Additionally, there are smart systems which can limit energy use. And of course, as Koole Controls we offer a number of energy saving solutions.
  • Allow the guest to benefit from sustainable choices. Create a real incentive by providing discounts or a gift for saving energy.


Everything coincides in our own research

During the course of six weeks we tested the energy saving effects of our KCSmartHome solutions. In this pilot, all relevant matters from the ABN AMRO report came together:

  • Met een geringe investering in tijd en geld bespaar je makkelijk op energielasten.
  • De marge staat niet onder druk en biedt tevens een concurrentievoordeel: je kan de prijs laag houden en zorgen voor een betere bezettingsgraad.
  • Het systeem werkt volautomatisch en je hoeft geen inbreuk te maken op de gastbeleving.


The setup:

  • Three accommodations with KCSmartHome with the following energy saving measures:
    • Preheating or cooling – The heating system is activated at exactly the right moment to bring the temperature of the home up to a comfortable level.
    • Savings during vacancy – When the guests leaves the thermostat is set to the default temperature. For example, the temperature will be brought down from 22°C to 15°C.
    • Maximum temperature – The thermostat can be limited to e.g. 22°C.
    • Night saving mode – During set times the setpoint of thermostat will be lowered down to the default night-time temperature. For example 18°C
  • Three accommodations without KCSmartHome as a reference.
  • Measurement of occupancy rate and outdoor temperature.


Using the KCSmartHome system, the three accommodations averaged 25% in savings. Even with a 100% occupancy rate the KCSmartHome solution will result in savings because of the night saving mode and automatically returning to the default temperature when the guests checks out, only to start heating again just before the next guests checks in.


Table 1. Results pilot KCSmartHome Solution


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[1] ABN AMRO. (2023, juli). Vakantie in het groen. Wat vakantieparken en campings (kunnen) doen om ook op de lange termijn te overleven.