Smart solutions for wellness

Improve the customer journey and operational profit margin with our smart solutions.

Dispensing wristbands

The guest receives a coded smart-wristband at the desk or from an automated dispenser. 

✓ Every wristband has a unique ID.
✓ The wristband is comfortable to wear.
✓ The wristband is waterproof.
✓ The wristband is durable

Locking/unlocking storage lockers

The guest uses their wristband to lock and unlock the storage locker.

✓ Hold the wristband in front of the reader to lock and unlock the unit.
✓ Access the locker as often as you want.
✓ Avoid frustrations associated with keys and coins.
✓ The use of PIN codes is also possible.

Purchasing food and beverages

The guests desires an experience. Keep this promise.

✓ Buy food and beverages with ease by using the wristband.
✓ No more need for a wallet or credit/debit card.

Returning the wristband and check out

A payment terminal and wristband collection unit are located by the exit. 

✓ The guest scans the wristband at the payment terminal
✓ Outstanding payment of consumed good and services are paid.
✓ The customer places the wristband in the receiver unit.
✓ Once the payment has been completed the receiver will take in the wristband.

Leaving the wellness resort

Leaving the wellness resort is very easy after a day of relaxing.

✓ The exit gate will open after the bill has been paid.
✓ Subscription holders will automatically get their wristband back, after which the exit gate opens.



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