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Do you want to allow customers to pay electronically using your unmanned terminal, for example, for tickets, parking, beverage/candy machines, or coin dispensers? Or do you have a manned situation with a cash register? However, is linking the PIN terminal with the (cash register) application too complicated, or is the certification too expensive? We have a smart solution that allows your (cash register) application to connect with PIN devices with ease.

Easy integration

The interface designed by Koole Controls ensures that the pin unit is easy to control. This makes integration into existing devices such as POS systems or standalone vending machines easy.
The KC-PIN, which forms the interface between the cash register system and PIN unit, can be equipped with a display to provide additional information to the cashier. Additionally, you can easily check the status of the PIN unit via your office (IP) network.

How does it work?

Integrating a cash register, (web) application or payment terminal to a PIN terminal can be very difficult. Your till or application needs to communicate with the PIN device via a tricky protocol. We have put this protocol in a smart module and take care of the handling of a transaction. Your cash register or application communicates with the module using a simple protocol.

Retail card payments

For who?

Electronic payments for tickets, parking, beverage/candy machines, or in your physical webshop, via your ERP environment, from your web-based till etc. The payment solutions developed my Koole Controls makes connecting with PIN devices very easy and removes an expensive certification process from the equation. As the integration within your own systems is a simple process, the desired solution can be realized in no time. Whether it's a manned solution where a salesperson is present or an unmanned applications in, for example, a self-service shop, in both cases the implementation of Koole Controls is just as simple.

How does it work?

Using our special smart module (KC80PIN) makes the process of integrating the PIN solution into your application a lot easier. Your system, whether it's a local till or a webshop, communicates directly with this KC80PIN module. In turn, this module manages the correct handling of the payment request. Make your choice and read more about the specific possibilities that Koole Controls offers.

Unmanned PIN solutions

When talking about unmanned PIN solutions, we think of:

  • Ticket vending machine
  • Payment terminals in shops
  • Physical webshops
  • All other unmanned PIN terminals

The unmanned PIN solutions can be anywhere: shops, physical webshops and other public locations.

How does it work?

The solution for unmanned applications can be implemented in two different ways.

1.     A local application handles operations

Suppose you have a vending machine for products in your shop/centre where the software application runs on a local PC. The customer makes the choices via, for example, the vending machine's touchscreen and wants to checkout at the end. Your software application will now communicate with the KC80PIN controller to perform the debit card transaction. After payment, the receipt is automatically printed for the customer.

2.     A cloud/web/server based application handles operations

Your vending machine can also consist of a touch screen running a browser. The customer can thus select the products to be purchased directly in (for example) your webshop, or from your ERP solution running from an external server. Once payment is due, you send the order directly from the Cloud to's KC80PIN controller. This takes care of further processing the payment and printing the receipt for the customer.

A locally running PC with associated software is therefore no longer needed to set up such a point of sale. This saves management and maintenance costs.

Manned PIN solutions

In your manned shop, Koole Controls' payment solution can save you a lot of money and making an integration with our PIN devices is very easy.

How does it work?

Your software application communicates with the KC80PIN controller to execute the PIN transaction. CloudPIN is also possible; Controlling the KC80PIN controller directly from the Cloud. You can use your cloud POS application in your shop and control the PIN terminal directly from the Cloud. Or CloudPIN where you control the pinterminal directly from your webshop. The ERP sales system at your sales counter can also be directly debited in this way.

This eliminates the need for separate PC applications on site. This saves management and maintenance costs.



For manned environments, you can use the YOMANI. The YOMANI is the successor to the successful XENTA PIN unit. Payment using debit, chip or credit card? No problem, your customers can use any card. Using the interface designed by Koole Controls, the YOMANI is easy to control and is simple to integrate with existing devices.


Do you have an unstaffed POS terminal and do you want customers to be able to use debit cards? Then the XENTEO is the solution for you. We supply the XENTEO with an approved mounting frame and 'XENOA' card reader. Via the interface designed by Koole Controls, the XENTEO is easy to control and integration into existing devices is simple. Payment using debit, chip or credit card? No problem, your customers can use any card.

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