Digital key in the Roompot app

Roompot improves the customer journey and access to their accommodations. As of november, guests staying at Noordzee Résidence Cadzand-Bad can access their accommodation using the Roompot app on their mobile phone. The necessary software made by Koole Controls has been added to the Roompot app. Using this app it's very easy to inform guests and equip them with this modern method of access control.

After working with pincode access using the smart door locks developed by Koole Controls, Roompot has chosen to upgrade their locks with Bluetooth functionality. As a result of both solutions, guests do not have to visit the front desk anymore. There is no need to remember a pin code or hold on to a keycard as guests are equipped with a mobile phone and that is all they will need. Besides the two previously mentioned, the locks can also use RFID tags/cards for employees and of course the 'good ol' key'. More locations are going to be working with the combination of smart locks and access using the Roompot app in the months to come.


Q&A with Mario Lere, Head of Digital Developement at Roompot


What was the reason for the integration of your mobile app? 

"The Roompot app is an aid for a worry free holiday. It provides practical information about the park and it's surroundings, as well as the option to order take-away and making reservations for our facilities. Every guest can use the app and thus it was a no-brainer to add the option of access to the accommodation via bluetooth. Using this technology we hope to become even better at aligning with our guests expectations."


Did you encounter any specific technical challenges? 

"Our goal was to make the use of the digital key as easy to use as using a pincode to access the accommodation. Our app uses web-techniques and during development we realized that Apple users were getting logged out quite quickly when they weren't using the app. Having to log in every time you want to enter your holiday home isn't very hospitable of course so we had to find a solution, which we did."


What was the general response of your guests to the introduction of this new technology? 

"We took a controlled approach as we usually do when introducing a new feature. We are doing this by starting at one park during an off-peak period and by keeping a close eye on the usage of the digital key and the feedback we receive from our guests. So far, the usage is as expected and we have not experiences any problems. Our short term plan is to start conversations with our guests so we can understand their experiences even better. This feedback will be used to improve the feature after which we will continue by expanding to our other locations."


What does the roll-out to the other parks look like? 

"Halfway through the month of December is when we will activate the feature for another 9 parks with bluetooth-enabled smart locks. We will keep monitoring the use of the app continuously. The first moment of evaluation is planned for the start of 2024 so we can find points of improvement. One point of improvement is already being tackled: soon the person whom made the booking will be able to share the digital key with their fellow travelers. This will give the entire group to access the accommodation using the Roompot app."


Can you tell us something about your collaboration with Koole Controls?

"Koole Controls has helped us to create the right configuration in our back-office systems and with the integration of the bluetooth functionality in our app. All of these applications need to communicate with each other in a safe manner and at the right moment. Koole Controls' broad knowledge of our IT-environment and our operation proved to be very useful. Therefor, we look back at a pleasant and successful collaboration."