Construction of our new office has started

With great pride, we would like to announce that we will be moving to a bigger office in the near future. We would like to thank all of our customers and partners who have helped make this expansion necessary through their trust. Together, we work on improving our services.

Modern and future-proof

Our new office will be a spacious and modern building that we will construct in collaboration with Maxxton. This partnership enables us to achieve the necessary economies of scale. For instance, by pooling resources, we were able to purchase a large plot of land and commission the design of a brand-new facility with general amenities that would have been unattainable individually. The building will feature ample natural light and we plan to include an atrium with a glass facade. Various types of workspaces will be incorporated, catering to diverse needs. These include large reception areas for engaging with customers and partners, as well as a variety of workspaces, ranging from small booths for one-on-one meetings to modern assembly rooms for manufacturing our products.


We will be moving to Middelburg. The new office will be easy to get to using public transport of the nearby passageway. The new adres will be: Oostperkweg 45, 4332 SB Middelburg. We will be sharing an update on the progress of the construction in the near future and the exact date of the move.