Koole Controls and Orionis Walcheren have started a collaboration

Since February, Koole Controls has been collaborating with Orionis Walcheren's work integration social enterprise based in Vlissingen. This partnership is mutually beneficial: Orionis Walcheren provides valuable work experience to help individuals reintegrate into society, while we contribute to societal welfare and ensure the scalability of our work on smart locks. Thing of tasks such as assembly and powder coating.

"It's a valuable collaboration that enables us to diversify our activities, which in turn helps our colleagues develop themselves even further."

Bart Niewenhuijse – Orionis Walcheren


Abour Orionis Walcheren

Orionis Walcheren assists individuals who face barriers to employment in finding meaningful work, striving for regular job placements whenever feasible, while also supporting their personal and professional growth. Our goal is to foster an inclusive labor market where everyone has the opportunity to participate. In addition to individuals with disabilities, Orionis Walcheren provides support to those receiving social security benefits who follow a work-learning program.