New version of SmartHome app

Koole Controls is proud to announce the launch of the all-new version of their SmartHome app, it allows visitors to holiday parks to access their accommodations without any effort. This update includes several improvements, including a refreshing new design and advanced functionalities for opening multiple locks.

The most important improvements

  1. Improved design: the app has been redesigned in collaboration with a design agency. The user-friendliness has been extensively tested by a panel, which found the new interface to be very good.
  2. Opening multiple locks: with the increasing variety of accommodations, it is now possible to open multiple locks using the app. Users can see which doors are open or closed at a glance and have the ability to unlock them with minimal effort.
  3. Direct access via URL: Now guests can easily access the app by simply following a URL, e.g. via the booking confirmation. If the app has already been installed, it automatically opens on the user's mobile phone. If not, the guest will be directed to a download page.


For holiday parks using NFC stickers, it is even possible to open the lock by simply holding the phone against it. This method not only offers convenience, but is also characterized by maximum security thanks to the built-in chip. With this latest update, Koole Controls aims to make access to holiday parks even easier and more secure, while simultaneously continuing to improve their customers' comfort.