Recreation Trade Fair 2023

Koole Controls was well represented during the Recreatie Vakbeurs 2023 (Recreation Trade Fair 2023) in Hardenberg. This event enabled talks about the latest possibilities of our solutions. Things such as:

🏘 Access to holiday parks
🔓 Access to holiday homes
🌡 Climate control in accommodations
🧖‍♂️ Applications for the use of wristbands in the Wellness Industry

It's a pleasure to meet so many representatives from the recreation industry and talk about mutual reinforcement. One of the reasons being the fact that integrated systems can improve the overal guest experience and elevate operational efficiency. Koole Controls looks back at a successful participation in the Recreation Trade Fair.


About the Recreation Trade Fair 2023

The Recreation Trade Fair is a yearly event offering an overview of the latest developments within the recreation industry. Interested parties can visit to experience physical products, services and innovations within the sector.