Koole Controls & Recranet

Smart software, smart locks and smart meters create a robust all-round solution for recreation companies.

Recranet automates business processes for holiday parks, campings and rental companies.


  • Absolute profit for entrepreneurs in the leisure industry as you are working with one complete system (Recranet Booking) from which accommodation and reservation information are exchanged with the Koole Controls software platform.
  • A pleasant experience for your guests because the system will automatically provide them with all the information regarding their reservation, including the pin code of the accommodation.
  • The heating system of the accommodation can automatically be controlled based on the date and time of check-in/check-out. This results in a significant cost reduction as the heating is only turned on when needed.


In a conversation with Sharon de Putter, COO of Recranet, mutual satisfaction regarding the constructive collaboration and the close communication between developers from both companies becomes apparent. The mutual client stands at the forefront resulting in the optimal solution.

"The short communication channels make it very easy to combine our expertise, allowing us to quickly arrive at a high-quality solution for the customer!"
- Sharon de Putter


Customer case study: Groenendijk Verhuur

Groenendijk Verhuur from Burgh-Haamstede has used Recranet's software since their inception. Using Recranet Booking they rent out and manage holiday homes in the province of Zeeland.


How do you differentiate yourselves as a company?

"Groenendijk Verhuur is a young, rapidly growing company. We offer our guests a care-free and modern holiday in our holiday homes and apartments. Despite all the digitalisation we remain in close contact with our guests and can cater to almost all of their wishes."


How do you inbed automatization into your company?

"When our guests makes their reservation they are referred to the online guests-environment within Recranet Booking. The guest will be provided with the pin code of their accommodation in the digital environment 24 hours prior to arrival. This makes it possible directly access the accommodation without the need to travel to a pick-up point for their key."


How do guests experience your (digital) service?

"Our guests are very content with the access control system made by Koole Controls, making use of the pin code as well as the KCSmartHome application to access their accommodation. Especially guests with a longer stay prefer to use the app. They are completely self-reliant and rarely need to ask questions to our back-office."


What is the impact of the integration between Recranet Booking and Koole Controls on your business operations?

"It has had an enormous positive impact on our company! Before our front-office was extremely busy with checking in and checking out guests, now we are a completely digital office. Guests can drive directly to the accommodation and we have a lot more time for fun and exciting moments with our guests."


Do you recommend Koole Controls to other rental companies?

"We certainly do! The access control, especially in combination with the integration of the heating system, results in a sustainable and effective solution."